JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuit News

JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuit News

Information and News About JUUL JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuits

Vaping Teen Undergoes Double Lung Transplant | 11/13/2019

Doctors who operate on teenagers with vape-related illnesses are mortified with the extent of permanent lung damage the popular nicotine delivery system is causing...READ MORE

Juul Vape Targeted Underage Teens With Social Media Marketing | 11/5/2019

Over 2 million teenagers may now be nicotine-addicted having never before smoked...READ MORE

Contaminated Juul Vape Pods May Have Led To Vaping Illness Epidemic | 11/1/2019

Juul vaping devices are turning out to be more of a gateway to nicotine addiction than a viable alternative to smoking cigarettes...READ MORE

Teenagers May Have Difficulty Quitting Vaping | 10/18/2019

One vaping cartridge delivers the nicotine equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes and teenagers vape all day thinking that it is safe...READ MORE

Vaping Causes Lung Injuries Similar To WWII Mustard Gas | 10/14/2019

Health officials in England compare the lung damage that vaping causes to that of soldiers inhaling chemical weapons...READ MORE

America's Most Respected Health Organizations Report The Dangers of Vaping | 10/7/2019

Health heavyweights call vaping a public health crisis that has gripped the nation...READ MORE

Juul Used Social Media To Target Under-aged Middle School and High School Teens | 10/4/2019

Juul deliberately created the epidemic of vaping and teens are now getting sick and dying as a result...READ MORE

Juul CEO Resigns and Walmart Stops Selling Vape Pens | 9/26/2019

The dominoes are falling one by one as concern over vape-related illnesses and a ninth death reaches a critical mass...READ MORE

Add Massachusetts To The List of States That Have Banned Vaping | 9/25/2019

Experts think that banning vaping may have the opposite effect and make the dangerous habit more attractive to the younger generation...READ MORE

Consumers Stock Up On Flavored Vape Pods Anticipating a Nationwide Ban | 9/23/2019

Vaping advocates fear that a federal ban on flavored vape pods will force some to go back to smoking cigarettes and create an expensive black market...READ MORE

Illnesses From Using The Juul Vape Could Be In The Thousands | 9/16/2019

CNN and the Trump Administration may be on the same page for the first time with their efforts to stop the spread of vaping...READ MORE

Governor Cuomo To Ban Vaping In New York State | 9/10/2019

The anti-vaping dominoes are starting to fall as hundreds of mysterious yet serious lung injuries are being reported all over the country...READ MORE

Vaping Has Been Declared a Public Health Emergency | 9/5/2019

Vaping has claimed its first official victim, a teenager from Illinois...READ MORE

Teenagers Are Adding Dangerous Chemicals to Their Vape Pen Liquids | 8/30/2019

More teenagers are vaping, not to replace cigarettes smoking, but instead to delivery other dangerous recreational drugs...READ MORE

Juul Labs Accused of Targeting Children | 8/22/2019

Experts fear that vaping will have the same negative health consequences as cigarette smoking, or worse, should teenagers and others continue to vape long-term...READ MORE

The FDA Addresses Vaping With TV Ads | 8/14/2019

The Epidemic of childhood nicotine addiction is being fueled by teenage acceptance of e-cigarettes Vape pens...READ MORE

Vape Pen Usage and Nicotine Addiction Is Exploding Among Young Adults | 8/8/2019

More and more non-smokers are taking up the Vaping habit...READ MORE

No-Cost, No-Obligation JUUL Vape Lawsuit Case Review for Persons or Families of Persons Who Developed Cancer After a History of Perineal JUUL Vape Use

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