Who Can File a JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuit?

National JUUL attorneys provide information on who qualifies to file a vaping lawsuit against JUUL

Who Can File a JUUL Vape Lawsuit

Persons who have used JUUL vape pens have been exposed to a number of documented side effects including child nicotine addiction, seizures or other symptoms of nicotine poisoning, or respiratory problems such as popcorn lung. JUUL Labs has been the subject of criticism from the FDA and U.S. Surgeon General for marketing to young people, setting off a public health crisis that rivals teen smoking. Through its marketing, product design, packaging, and flavorings, the company’s approach focused on hooking a young, uninformed audience for profits. As estimated 2 million middle and high schoolers in America are now addicted to nicotine from vape pens such as JUUL.

Persons and family members of minors who have developed side effects from the JUUL vape pen are seeking clarification of the qualifications required to participate in a JUUL vape pen side effects lawsuit. Our law firm offers free, no-obligation, confidential consultations to anyone who feels they may have a claim, but we have outlined the basic qualifications in this section. In general, these are the factors that are considered in each JUUL vape pen lawsuit claim.

For persons and family members of persons who meet these qualifications, it is likely you will be eligible to file a JUUL vape pen lawsuit for child nicotine addiction, seizures, nicotine poisoning, popcorn lung, or other respiratory problems. There are multiple reasons to file a claim.

First, JUUL vape pen lawyers believe individuals who have suffered from vaping side effects may be eligible for compensation for the expense of medical treatment, pain, suffering, and loss associated with using JUUL or another e-cigarette. No amount of money can undo the wrong that has been done to your family, but compensation can help you recover financially.

More meaningful than that to some is the opportunity to hold a large corporation accountable for patient safety and dishonest business practices. Critics say JUUL Labs intentionally targeted a young audience, prompting a new wave of child nicotine addiction that has become a widespread public health problem. Many plaintiffs feel the company deserves to be punished for choosing profits over the health of American youth, and pursue JUUL Vape Pen lawsuits in order to achieve a small bit of justice.

Attorneys offering free, no-obligation JUUL vape lawsuit case consultations are available to speak with you and your family about your circumstances. To learn more about filing a lawsuit against JUUL, please fill out the simple contact form on this page or use the chat feature to speak with a representative. One of our attorneys representing individuals and families in national JUUL lawsuits will be in contact shortly.